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Electric heating system for the shipbuilding industry and Arctic marine projects

NordGrid completed the preparatory phase for the delivery of turnkey electric heating systems based on a heat tracing cable : the company is ready to design, manufacture, install and commission the system from components manufactured made by Russian manufacturers.

Today in Russia, one of the priorities is the development of projects in the Arctic region, including the Northern Sea Route. The lack of icebreakers, tankers and other vessels to support Arctic raw material projects, as well as the development of the fishing fleet in Russia, including in the northern seas, has led to the active construction of vessels for work in the Arctic latitudes.

Automation of processes, reducing the number of crew, facilitating their physical labour and ensuring the safety of personnel have become pressing issues in ship building.

The electric heating system based on self-regulating heating cables meets modern requirements and is a modern alternative to traditional anti-icing methods. This system radices the time of production operations and prevents the formation of snow cover and icing on the structures and systems of the vessel, which critically affects its normal operation.

The main components of the electric heating system are the Sevkabel self-regulating heating cable, connecting cables, connecting boxes, temperature sensor and control and monitoring panels. The system components are approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and certified for use in explosive atmospheres in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

NordGrid LLC is the exclusive distributor of an electric heating system based on self-regulating heating cables manufactured by the Sevkabel plant. The company is an integrator of complex projects and is engaged in the development and implementation of integrated solutions for the energy and shipbuilding industries.